Terms of Reference

National Health Strategy Steering Group

The role of the Steering Group shall be to:

  1. provide overall leadership in the production of a new Health Strategy for improved health status and the development, reform and modernisation of the health and personal social services over the next 5 -7 years;
  2. approve key themes and a framework for the Strategy;
  3. provide guidance to the Team in relation to the consultation process as required: for example, commissioning of new research etc;
  4. approve the content of the new Health Strategy prior to its submission to the Minister.

National Health Strategy Consultative Forum

The role of the Consultative Forum is to support the Steering Group in the development of the new Health Strategy by:

  1. providing advice on the key themes and direction of the Strategy and on the process for its preparation;
  2. providing for participation by key stakeholders;
  3. acting as a resource to the Steering Group by providing advice on issues as they arise.

National Health Strategy Project Team

The Project Team will include representatives of the Department of Health and Children and of the health boards/Authority. It will be responsible for the production of the Strategy document under the overall leadership of the Steering Group.