Plenary Session 10-11th July

The second Plenary session of the Consultative Forum on the Health Strategy was held in Dublin Castle on 10-11th July 2001. The plenary session began with an address by Mr Micheál Martin TD, Minister for Health and Children. The Secretary General of the Department, Mr Michael Kelly gave a presentation outlining the key themes and progress to date. This was followed by a number of presentations on public and organisations consultation processes (by Ms Anne Colgan), on the National Anti-Poverty Strategy and Health consultation (Ms Sara Burke, Institute of Public Health in Ireland) and on the Health Board consultation process (Dr Ambrose McLoughlin, North Eastern Health Board). The Forum members broke up into eight working groups to examine key issues relating to the Strategy and reconvened in plenary session to present their findings. Copies of all the presentations and Minister Martin's address are available below, as is a summary of the plenary sessions.

The documents below are in PDF format.

Address by Minister of Health and Children (45 KB)