8. Arrangements for Monitoring and Review

In accordance with Section 31 of the Disability Act 2005, this chapter sets out the arrangements which will be put in place for the monitoring and review of this Sectoral Plan.

8.1 Monitoring Arrangements

The overall monitoring mechanisms for the National Disability Strategy consist of :

  • Cabinet Committee on Social Inclusion: monitors the overall implementation of the Strategy and in particular the legislative measures which are part of that Strategy i.e. the Disability Act 2005 and the EPSEN Act 2004.
  • Cabinet Committee on Health and Children: monitors the implementation of Part 2 of the Disability Act 2005 and the linked provisions in the EPSEN Act 2004. It also monitors the implementation of the 2006 -2009 Multi-annual Investment Programme. The Cabinet Committee on Social Inclusion is kept informed of progress in this area and of any decisions taken by this Committee.
  • Senior Officials Groups: each Cabinet Committee is supported by a Senior Officials Group which meets in advance of the Committee and prepares briefing and documentation for the Committee meetings.
  • National Disability Advisory Committee: the Department of Health and Children will establish a National Disability Advisory Committee, representative of people with disabilities and other key stakeholders to:
    • Provide a forum to inform policy at national level in relation to services for people with disabilities;
    • Form part of the overall monitoring mechanism in relation to the implementation of the National Disability Strategy in so far as it relates to the health services; and
    • Advise the Minister for Health and Children on progress in the implementation of the Disability Act 2005 within the health services.

    The intention is to have the Committee established by the end of 2006.

As referred to in Chapter 6 local, regional and national consultative fora will be developed by the HSE whose remit will include reporting to the national advisory committee on the implementation of the Act in respect of their geographic areas.

In moving forward with the Sectoral Plan and in developing policies for services for people with disabilities, the Department will continue to liaise closely with the National Disability Authority.

The Department of Health and Children will continue to participate in interdepartmental co-ordinating and monitoring structures for the National Disability Strategy, including the Sectoral Plans under the Disability Act 2005. It will also participate in arrangements to be put in place to ensure a continued constructive relationship with stakeholders in relation to progress on the National Disability Strategy as a whole. This will include bi-annual meetings between senior officials and other stakeholders in line with the commitments contained in the social partnership agreement "Towards 2016".

Progress on the implementation of the Sectoral Plan will be considered by the Department's Management Advisory Committee on a six monthly basis.

Monitoring of the Department's own compliance with the provisions of Parts 3 and 5 of the Disability Act will form part of the Department's Annual Business Planning process and will be incorporated into its Statement of Strategy and Annual Reports.

Review of Sectoral Plan

The Disability Act 2005 provides that reports on progress in implementing its Sectoral Plan should be completed by each Department at intervals of not more than 3 years. Within the health services, the focus in many areas over the coming year will be on ensuring that the necessary arrangements are put in place to deliver on the provision of the legislation. Of necessity, many service issues and regulatory matters will require to be addressed within a relatively short timeframe. Accordingly, it is proposed that progress in implementing this Plan will be reviewed by the Department of Health and Children, one year from its publication, in mid-2007. It is expected that, following this review, further actions will be identified and specific timeframes agreed with the HSE and other bodies under the aegis of the Department.