Minister Reilly pays tribute and acknowledges contribution of Tracey Cooper to the development of HIQA

Media Release: 5 March 2014

Minister for Health Dr James Reilly today (Wednesday 5 March 2014) acknowledged the contribution Tracey Cooper has made to the development of HIQA.

The Minister said "I wish to pay tribute to Tracey Cooper. As the Chief Executive of HIQA she has played a crucial role in the Irish health service over the last 7 years. This Government is engaged in a major reform of the Health services with the clear intention of improving the outcomes for patients. HIQA is the key player in establishing and ensuring the maintenance of standards across the system to that same end. Tracey Cooper combines a range of qualities which have made her ideal for the role of CEO. Her medical knowledge added to her strategic sense have placed HIQA in a widely trusted role, essential to the continued improvement of standards. I have worked closely with Tracey and HIQA. I look forward to having an equally productive relationship with her successor later in the year and I want to wish Tracey Cooper every success in her new role in Wales."