Plan for Implementation of EWTD in Ireland - Doctors in Training

17 January 2012

Ireland has submitted on 13th January a Plan to achieve compliance with the Directive. This was in response to the Reasoned Opinion forwarded by the Commission to Ireland on 30 September 2011 stating that NCHDs work average hours which exceed the limit fixed by the Directive and are not provided with minimum daily and weekly rest in accordance with the protections in the Directive.

The response addresses the Reasoned Opinion in the following manner:


The European Working Time Directive (EWTD) was transposed as regards doctors in training in Ireland by the EC (Organisation of Working Time Act) (Activities of Doctors in Training) Regulations 2004, S.I. No. 494/2004.

The Directive provided for daily breaks and minimum periods of daily and weekly rest from 1 August 2004.

In addition, since the 1st August 2009 NCHDs are prohibited from working in excess of 48 hours for each seven day period, averaged over the roster period.