Dental Research

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  1. Comparing Survey Estimates and Treatment Provided
  2. To Assess Service Utilisation Patterns of the General Population under the DTSS
  3. National Survey of Adult Oral Health
  4. Getting evidence into practice
  5. Fissure Sealing and the Targeted Approach to Service Delivery
  6. Fluoride Intake in Infants
  7. Fluoride Levels in Powdered Infant Formula Reconstituted with Fluoridated Water
  8. The Oral Health of Adults and Children with Special Needs in Ireland
  9. Oral Health Promotion
  10. Childrens Oral Health in Ireland 2002
  11. Use of Fluorides in the Promotion of Oral Health in the Republic of Ireland
  12. Dental Fluorosis
  13. Lot 2 – Task 2
  14. Trauma
  15. Age at which brushing commenced 8-year-olds
  16. Reported frequency of brushing teeth twice a day or more 8 and 15 -year-olds
  17. Mouth Care Needs of Elderly Residents in Long-Term Care
  18. Water Fluoridation in Ireland