European Working Time Directive

Department of Health and Children Guidance On The Implementation Of The European Working Time Directive (Revised 29/7/2004,PDF, 350KB)
This Guidance document summarises the management position regarding the implementation of the European Working Time Directive (EWTD) from 1st August 2004; explains the main points of the legislation applying the provisions of the EWTD to doctors in training in Ireland; details how health employers can move towards EWTD compliance and provides contact details for queries on the EWTD.
Training Principles to be incorporated into new working arrangements for doctors in training (PDF, 586KB)
This document sets out a series of training principles developed by the Department's Medical Education and Training Group in conjunction with the medical training bodies and the Medical Council. These principles will be incorporated into new EWTD-compliant rosters in order to ensure that the quality of medical education and training improves during the implementation of the 58-hour week and other EWTD requirements.
Joint Statement by the Department of Health and Children and the Irish Higher Surgical Trainees Group (PDF, 628KB)
This document is an agreed statement by the Department of Health and Children and the Irish Higher Surgical Trainees Group regarding the implementation of the EWTD for doctors in higher surgical training programmes. The document also contains a number of sample rosters. The document has been endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

Irish Legislation

European Legislation

National Implementation Group (NIG)

The NIG was established in February 2005 following discussions between the Health Service Executive Employers Agency and the Irish Medical Organisation, facilitated by the Labour Relations Commission. The NIG comprised representatives of major stakeholders including the Department of Health and Children, Health Service Executive, Irish Hospital Consultants Association, Irish Medical Organisation, the Postgraduate Medical and Dental Board, Medical Council, Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies, nursing representatives and representatives of other relevant healthcare professions. The role of the NIG was to provide guidance and oversee local implementation projects. The NIG produced its final report in December 2008. View a copy of the report here

You can also view the Interim report here