Social Inclusion

Field Content
Division: Primary Care and Social Inclusion
Unit: Social Inclusion
Head: Eamonn Corcoran
  • Co-ordination of Social Inclusion Policy
  • Co-ordination of Social Partnership (Non-Pay) - Towards 2016
  • Health Inequalities
  • National Action Plan for Social Inclusion (NAPinclusion)
  • National Anti-Poverty Strategy (NAPS)
  • Homeless Adults
  • Travellers
  • Prisoners
  • Asylum Seekers
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Drugs
  • STIs
Primary Legislation:
  • Misuse of Drugs Act 1977 and 1984
Bodies under aegis of DoHC: Drug Treatment Centre Board
Key Publications:
  • Traveller Health - A National Strategy 2002-2005
  • Report of the Methadone Treatment Services Group 2005
  • Report of the Working Group on Treatment of Under 18 year olds presenting to Treatment Services with Serious Drug Problems 2005
  • Report of the Benzodiazepine Committee 2002
  • Homeless Preventive Strategy 2002
  • Homelessness - An Integrated Strategy 2000
  • AIDS Strategy 2000
  • Report by the Care and Management Sub-Committee of the National AIDS Strategy Committee on HIV/STI Services in Ireland 2005
  • Irish Survey of Sexual Health and Relationships Report 2006
Working Groups:
  • Traveller Health Advisory Committee (THAC)
  • Working Group to Advance Action 19 of the National Drugs Strategy (NDS) ( in relation to early intervention by community Gardai and/or health and social services where incidences of early abuse of alcohol or drugs by young people come to Garda attention)
  • The National Drug-Related Death Index Committee
  • Working Group on Alcohol and Drugs Synergies
  • Suboxone Expert Group
  • Methadone Prescribing Implementation Committee
  • Addiction Services Consultants Group
  • Cross Department Team on Homelessness
  • Health Services for Homeless Adults Working Group
  • National Homeless Consultative Committee
  • National AIDS Strategy Committee (NASC) including the following sub committees: (a) Care and Management and (b) Surveillance/HIV Regulations
Record Classes: Non-Personal: Policy and Implementation Files. Records in relation to Social Partnership, NAPS, health input to NAPinclusion and Towards 2016, target setting for social inclusion, liaison with the Office for Social Inclusion (OSI), liaison with Combat Poverty Agency, Social Inclusion data, HSE Service Planning, Performance Indicators, Traveller Health, Homeless Adults, Prisoners, Asylum Seekers, Equality and Diversity, HIV/AIDS and STI Treatment Services. Documents relating to the drafting of Bills and Regulations and other Reports, queries, briefings, meeting notes, advices and communications concerning controlled drugs; correspondence regarding the development of health services for homeless persons; statistical returns to UN in relation to controlled drugs;business plan/PMDS/organisation information; contractual arrangements for research projects.
Information Routinely Published: None
Significant Systems:
  • Usual Department systems/databases
Personal Information Holdings: Occasional records of court cases/representations in relation to controlled drugs/homeless adults; historic personal prescription details on database linked to licensing scheme for Dexedrine (now administered by Central Pharmacy)
Purpose: To contribute DoHC view and position where appropriate in each case.
Disclosees: HSE, other Departments, the CSSO/Legal Advisor/MAC, mainly used for role in co-ordination of replies.
Notes: including info an admin access practice, Ebriefs etc.: Standard briefing material, speeches, submissions etc