ICT/Freedom of Information/Records Management

Field Content
Division: Parliamentary, Corporate and Legislative Affairs
Unit: ICT/Freedom of Information/Records Management
Head: Kevin Conlon / Larry O'Reilly / Barry Murphy
  • Provision of support services to the Department of Health and Children in the areas of information technology, freedom of information and records management
  • Ensure the Department is compliant with it's responsibilities under FoI e.g. provision of information manuals, statistics etc
  • Co-ordinate requests under the Freedom of Information legislation
  • Co-ordinate requests under Data Protection legislation
  • Co-ordinate requests under the PSI Directive (public sector information)
  • Asistance with orders for discovery etc
Primary Legislation:
  • Freedom of Information Act, 1997
  • Freedom of Information (Amendment) Act, 2003
  • Data Protection Act 1988
  • Data Protection (Amendment) Act 2003
Bodies under aegis of DoHC: None
Key Publications:
  • None
Working Groups:
  • None
Record Classes: ICT: Records in relation to procurement, contracts, ICT plans, technical issues, trade information, security, business plans, project management, budgets for ICT expenditure, advice from CMOD, invoices, tax clearance certificates and other related matters to the operation of the ICT services in the Department.

FoI / Records Management : Business plans, technical issues, advice, case work, AIRR information (Access to Institutional and Related Records), records management protocol, National Archive issues project work.
Information Routinely Published: N/A
Significant Systems:
  • ICT has responsibility for all ICT developments in the Department. Specific systems pertinent to the ICT FoI RMU Units
Personal Information Holdings: FoI and AIRRrequests in relation to access to personal information only for co-ordination purposes throughout the Department.
Purpose: As Above
Disclosees: None apart from co-cordination role involving appleals etc to the Office of the Information Commissioner.
Notes: including info an admin access practice, Ebriefs etc.: Normal briefing material submitted as per other Divisions.