Pension Policy Unit

Field Content
Division: National Human Resource and Workforce Planning
Unit: Pension Policy Unit
Head: Joseph Cregan
  • Oversee implementation of Pension Legislation in Public Health Sector Bodies
  • Ensure consistent application of rules of schemes
  • Draft circulars to amend schemes in line with Government Public Sector Policy.
  • Assist organisations under aegis of DOHC to make employee superannuation schemes where appropriate
  • Implementation of Recommendations of Report of Pension Commission, 2000
  • Incentivised Scheme of Early Retirement.
Primary Legislation:
  • Pensions Act, 1990
  • Pensions Amendment Act, 2002
  • Pensions Ombudsman Regulations, 2003
  • Superannuation (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2004
  • Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act, 2009.
Bodies under aegis of DoHC: None
Key Publications:
  • Nominated Health Agencies Superannuation Scheme 1981
  • Nominated Health Agencies Spouses’ and Children’s Contributory Pension Scheme 1986
  • Voluntary Hospitals (Officers) Superannuation Scheme 1969 (as amended 1977)
  • Voluntary Hospitals (Non-Officers) Superannuation Scheme 1985
  • Voluntary Hospitals Spouses’ and Children’s Contributory Pension Scheme 1986
  • Scheme Guides to Voluntary Hospital Superannuation Schemes and Nominated Health Agencies Superannuation Schemes - 2006
Working Groups:
  • None
Record Classes: N/A
Information Routinely Published: Amendments to schemes
Significant Systems:
  • None
Personal Information Holdings: Queries regarding pension entitlement, cases referred for review by Pensions Ombudsman, Cases reviewed under Internal Dispute Resolution process.
Purpose: In order to make decision on appeal.
Disclosees: Pension Ombudsman, Department of Finance.
Notes: including info an admin access practice, Ebriefs etc.: Briefing material