Primary Care 1

Field Content
Division: Primary Care and Social Inclusion
Unit: Primary Care 1
Head: Jimmy Duggan
  • Primary Care Policy
  • General Practitioner services for GMS clients
  • Medical Cards and GP Visit Cards
  • Primary care out-of-hours/extended hours
  • GP Contracts
  • Optometric Services
  • Chiropody/Podiatry Services
  • Family Planning/contraception services
  • Crisis pregnancy/abortion
  • Preparation of legislation on Assisted Human Reproduction
Primary Legislation:
  • Health Acts 1970 and 2004
  • Health (Family Planning) Act, 1979
  • Health (Family Planning) (Amendment) Act, 1992
  • Health (Family Planning) (Amendment) Act, 1993
  • Health (Amendment) Act 2005
Bodies under aegis of DoHC: Health Service Executive
Crisis Pregnancy Agency
Key Publications:
  • N/A
Working Groups: Participation in joint working groups with HSE in relation to
  • development og GP contracts
  • client involvement in health services
  • liaison with Community and Voluntary Pillar on implementation of Towards 2016 agreement
Record Classes: Administrative records in relation to the areas of work described above
Information Routinely Published: N/A
Significant Systems:
  • N/A
Personal Information Holdings: Some such information may be held on file where individuals have corresponded with Minister or Departmetnn about their own cases.
Purpose: As above
Disclosees: None
Notes: including info an admin access practice, Ebriefs etc.: None