Parliamentary Affairs Division (PAD)l

Field Content
Division: Parliamentary, Corporate and Legislative Affairs
Unit: Parliamentary Affairs Division (PAD)
Head: Larry O'Reilly
  • Incorporates Minister's Office, Offices of Ministers of State, Secretary General's Office and Press Office
  • Supports the effective discharge of parliamentary affairs by the Department
  • Liaise with HSE Parliamentary Affairs Division and monitor performance in dealing with parliamentary affairs
  • Co-ordination and management of Department responsibilities in relation to Cabinet Committee on Health, general liaison with the Taoiseach's Department relating to Government Memoranda
  • Management of Department's central briefing system
  • Administrative support for Minister's Office, Offices of Ministers of State, Secretary General's Office, Press Office and Department's Management Advisory Committee
Primary Legislation:
  • None
Bodies under aegis of DoHC: None
Key Publications:
  • None
Working Groups:
  • None
Record Classes: Non-personal information - Briefing material prepared for MInister/Secretary General for their attendance at Oireachtas Committee meetings, Cabinet Committee meetings and meetings on health issues generally, Corporate PQ replies, general PQ statistics, Updates on Programme for Government. Personal information - Ministerial representations system contains predominatly person information.
Information Routinely Published: None
Significant Systems:
  • PQ System
  • Ministerial Representations Systems for each Minister's Office
  • Department Central Briefing System
Personal Information Holdings: None
Purpose: N/A
Disclosees: N/A
Notes: including info an admin access practice, Ebriefs etc.: Requests for administrative access considered on a case by case basis