Mental Health

Field Content
Division: Office for Disability and Mental Health
Unit: Mental Health
Head: Dora Hennessey
  • Work with the HSE in implementing "A Vision for Change", the national policy on mental health.
  • Monitor the operation of the Mental Health Act 2001.
  • Work with the HSE in implementing "Reach Out" in conjunction with the National Office for Suicide Prevention.
  • Work with the HSR to progress implementation of the Government Decision regarding the transfer of the Central Mental Hospital.
  • Work with the Mental Health Commission in relation to its functions.
Primary Legislation:
  • Mental Health Act, 2001
Bodies under aegis of DoHC: Mental Health Commission
Key Publications:
  • "A Vision For Change" (2006)
  • "Reach Out" (2005)
Working Groups:
  • Membership of :
    Independent Monitoring Group on "A Vision for Change"
    Mental Health Expert Advisory Group (HSE)
    Project Team for the Redevelopment of the Central Mental Hospital (HSE)
    National Disability Authority Mental Health Advisory Committee
Record Classes: Personal Information, Representations from Public Representatives, Ministers and members of the public may contain personal information. Parliamentary Questions on individual cases FOI Requests for individual records Court cases involving individuals. Non Personal Information, Administrative records in relation to: Mental Health Act 2001, Mental health policy and services, Voluntary Organisations, Health Service Executive, Mental Health Commission, Former Health Boards, Funding for mental health services, National Lottery Funding Parliamentary questions on policy matters relating to mental health services Briefing material prepared for Ministers/Secretary General on mental health issues Adjournment Debates Order of Business FOI Requests on mental health issues
Information Routinely Published: None
Significant Systems:
  • Mental Health Personal FOI Database
Personal Information Holdings: As Above
Purpose: As Above
Disclosees: The person concerned or their legal representatives, the HSE and the Mental Health Commission
Notes: including info an admin access practice, Ebriefs etc.: None