Field Content
Division: Finance, Information and Performance Evaluation
Unit: Information
Head: Hugh Magee
  • Developing the health intelligence capacity of the Dept. by: i) improving the availability, application and analysis of data, ii)developing the Dept.’s library and knowledge management services.
  • Supporting and overseeing the implementation of health information policy (e.g. National Health Information Strategy), including the development of the information role of the Health Information and Quality Authority.
  • Supporting and contributing to the discharge of international commitments in relation to health, including by providing statistical returns to Eurostat, WHO and the OECD.
  • Facilitating implementation of a system of patient/client identification for the health sector and contributing to the public service wide approach to identity management and privacy protection.
Primary Legislation:
  • Health Act 2004
  • Health Act 2007
  • Data Protection Act 1998
  • Data Protection (Amendment) Act 2003
Bodies under aegis of DoHC: Health Service Executive
Health Information and Quality Authority
Institute of Public Health
Health Research Board
National Cancer Registry
Key Publications:
  • National Health Information Strategy
  • Health Statistics Reports (published every 3 years)
  • Health in Ireland (key trends 2007)
  • Data and Statistics Strategy
  • Public Health Information System
Working Groups:
  • Standing Committee on Health Statistics
  • Steering Group to oversee the implementation of the System of Health Accounts in Ireland
  • Data and Statistics Strategy Steering Committee
  • HIPE (Hospital In-patient Enquiry System) and Perinatal Management Committee
  • Inter dept. working group on identity management
  • HSE Steering Group on developing a national client index and information governance framework
  • Public Health Observatory Steering Group (Institute of Public Health)
  • Slán Advisory Group
  • EU Network of Competent Authorities (Public Health)
  • EU Working Group on Health Indicators
  • EU Working Group on Health Systems
  • EU Advisory Group on Health Report for the European Region
Record Classes: Vital Statistics - births and deaths
Health Service Staff Census
Long Stay service data
HIPE and Perinatal data
Monthly performance reports from HSE
Public Health Information System (PHIS) - key public health indicator data.
Administrative records in relation to work of the Unit
Information Routinely Published: Health Statistics Reports
Significant Systems:
  • Data Point (Dept. application for data sourcing)
  • Public Health Information System
Personal Information Holdings: None
Purpose: N/A
Disclosees: N/A
Notes: including info an admin access practice, Ebriefs etc.: Standard Briefing Material etc.