Health Promotion Policy

Field Content
Division: Primary Care and Social Inclusion
Unit: Health Promotion Policy
Head: Brian Mullen
  • Policy on health improvement including obesity, tobacco and alcohol
  • Women's/Men's Health
  • Domestic Violence
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic Diseases
  • NOTE: While health promotion campaigns and other operational functions have been transferred to the HSE, the Department continues to lead the development of strategic policies. The Health Promotion Policy Unit of the Department is currently in the process of developing a Men's Health Policy and Action Plan. Its aim is to facilitate health promotion and protection within this population group. A National Nutritional Policy is also in the process of being developed.
Primary Legislation:
  • None
Bodies under aegis of DoHC: Women's Health Council
Key Publications:
  • Health promotion in the workplace : healthy bodies, healthy work 1998
  • National health and lifestyle surveys : survey of lifestyle attitudes and nutrition (SLÁN) and the Irish health behaviour in school-aged children survey (HBSC) 1999 Survey
  • Obesity - the policy challenges 2005 Review
  • Obesity - the policy challenges: executive summary 2005 Review
  • Strategic Task Force on Alcohol - Interim Report 2002
  • Strategic Task Force on Alcohol - Second Report 2004
  • The Irish Study of Sexual Health and Relationships 2006 Survey
  • The National Health and Lifestyle Surveys 2003 Survey
  • The National Health Promotion Strategy 2000 - 2005 Strategy
  • Working for health and well-being: strategy statement 1998-2001 Strategy Working Together To Reduce The Harms Caused By Alcohol Misuse 2006
  • Sexual Assault Treatment Units - A National Review 2006
  • Reducing the Risk: A Strategic Approach. The Report of the Task Force on Sudden Cardiac Death 2006.
  • The Irish Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) Study 2006
Working Groups:
  • Steering and Working Groups of the Irish Survey on Sexual Health and Relationships (ISSHR)
  • Men's Health Steering Group
  • SLÁN Advisory Group
  • Cardiovascular and Stroke Policy Group
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