Eligibility Review

Field Content
Division: Eligibility and Public Health
Unit: Eligibility Review
Head: Mary Golden
  • Management of day-to-day eligibility issues such as the provision of information on eligibility for healthcare in Ireland to the public, public bodies etc
  • To update and clarify the law relating to eligibility, to ensure equity and transparency and take account of service developments since the Health Act 1970. Aspects of this work include, for example, the development of transparent eligibility criteria for medical cards/GP visit cards and of a formal appeals mechanism.
  • To manage policy on entitlements to healthcare under EU law, including participation at EU-level discussions on healthcare entitlements for those travelling within the EU.
Primary Legislation:
  • Health Act 1970.
Bodies under aegis of DoHC: N/A
Key Publications:
  • N/A
Working Groups:
  • N/A
Record Classes: Records pertaining to the areas of work outlined above, including for example general eligibility, medical card eligibility, statutory hospital charges; records pertaining to the development of eligibility legislation and the consideration of proposals in this regard; records pertaining to EU entitlements e.g. queries on entitlements, consideration of EU proposals, European Health Insurance Card etc
Information Routinely Published: N/A
Significant Systems:
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Personal Information Holdings: N/A
Purpose: N/A
Disclosees: N/A
Notes: including info an admin access practice, Ebriefs etc.: Information on general eligibility and EU entitlements is available on www.citizensinformation.ie. Information about the European Health Insurance Card is available on www.ehic.ie. The HSE is responsible for determining eligibility in individual cases, including medical card eligibility and operates an Infoline at 1850 24 18 50.