Change Management Team

Field Content
Division: Parliamentary, Corporate and Legislative Affairs
Unit: Change Management Team
Head: Barry Murphy
  • To promote and lead the Public Service Modernisation programme in the Department by: (a) Preparing reports and providing updates within the required timescales, including the Strategy Statement, Annual Report, T2016 Action Plan and progress reports, Output Statement; (b) Driving the implementation of revised processes to improve the performance of the Departmetn, including Business Planning, Risk Management, QCS Initiatives (including the implementation of the Offical Languages Act), Review of correspondence, Review of legal case handling.
  • To improve the Department's communication by; (a) Developing a coherent external communications plan, including corporate identity guidelines, design templates and redesigned stationery; (b) Developing a coherent internal communications plan, including Staff Climate Survey.
  • To continue to provide training and development opportunities and to renew training needs and revise training programme to achieve higher uptake and relevance to the Department's business needs by (1)entering into a framework agreement with a number of training companies, (2)carrying out pilot Training Needs Analyses, (3) Reviewing the refund of schemes, (4) developing new courses.
Primary Legislation:
  • Public Services Management Act 1997
  • Official Languages Act 2003
Bodies under aegis of DoHC: None
Key Publications:
  • Statement of Strategy, Annual Reports, Custiomer Service Action Plan, Customer Charter, InForm (Staff Magazine)
  • Risk Management Policy, Corporate Goverance Document, Official Languages Act Scheme
  • Output Statement, Training and Development Annual Report, Training and Development Opportunities, Corporate Identity Guidelines.
Working Groups:
  • Internal Groups supported by CMT
  • Change Management Working Group, Partnership (including 4 sub-committees), Senior Management Network (Network of Principals and equivalents), APEX (Network of Assistant Principals and equivalents).
  • External Groups of which CMT staff are menbers (Supported by Dept of Taoiseach/Finance)
  • Change Management Network (and sub-groups on Change Management Fund), Quality Customer Service Group, Training and Development Committee, Departmental Training Officers Network.
Record Classes: Personal Records - Attendance at training, degree courses attended, qualifications received. Also section of PMDS forms containing info about individual training needs.
Other records - Administrative records in relation to the areas of work described above.
Information Routinely Published: As per publications
Significant Systems:
  • Risk Management System
Personal Information Holdings: Information regarding staff attending training courses.
Purpose: To track take up and effectiveness of training and to ensure that invoices from companies are correct.
Disclosees: Training Unit Staff Asst Sec, Parlimentary and Corporate Affairs
Personnel Unit
Notes: including info an admin access practice, Ebriefs etc.: CMT rarely, if ever, get FOI requests, but in general requester would be given admin access to information.