Cancer Control

Field Content
Division: Acute Hospitals and Associated Services
Unit: Cancer Control
Head: Mary Jackson
  • Support and monitor the implementation of the National Cancer Control Strategy
  • Support and monitor the implementation of the National Plan for Radiation Oncology Services
  • Support and monitor the work of the National Cancer Screening Service
  • Support and monitor the implementation of a National Framework for Quality in Cancer Control Support North-South co-operation, the All Ireland NCI Cancer Consortium and monitor international cancer developments
Primary Legislation:
  • N/A
Bodies under aegis of DoHC: National Cancer Screening Service National Cancer Register
Key Publications:
  • Quality Assurance Standards for Symptomatic Breast Disease Services, 2007
  • A Strategy for Cancer Control 2006
  • An Evaluation of "Cancer Services in Ireland: A National Strategy 1996" 2003 Review
  • The Development of Radiation Oncology Services in Ireland, 2003
  • Cancer services in Ireland : a national strategy 1996
Working Groups:
  • National Radiation Oncology Oversight Group
Record Classes: Administrative records relating to the functions of the Unit
Information Routinely Published: None routinely published
Significant Systems:
  • Administrative systems in line with the running of the Unit
Personal Information Holdings: Personal information held on some Ministerial representations
Purpose: Representations
Disclosees: Minister or relevant agents in the HSE
Notes: including info an admin access practice, Ebriefs etc.: Briefings, speeches, FOI submitted as per other Divisions