Acute Hospitals I

Field Content
Division: Acute Hospitals and Associated Services
Unit: Acute Hospitals I
Head: Fergal Goodman
  • Acute Hospitals - HSE West, HSE South, national and regional specialties
  • Private Hospitals (including Co-location Initiative)
  • National Treatment Purchase Fund
  • Ambulance/Emergency Planning
  • Bed Capacity
  • Private Practice in Public Hospitals
  • Configuration of Acute Hospital Services
Primary Legislation:
  • Health Acts 1947 - 2006
Bodies under aegis of DoHC: National Treatment Purchase Fund Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council
Key Publications:
  • None
Working Groups:
  • Co-Location Steering Group
  • Bed Capacity Review
  • Expenditure Review Network 2
  • National Steering Group Emergency Planning
  • Air Ambulance Services
  • Emergency Call Answering Services
  • Marine Emergency Services
  • North/South Co-operation CAWT
Record Classes: Non Personal - The main classes of records held by this Unit relate to our functions outlined above including correspondence, memoranda, briefing, minutes and submissions Personal - Ministerial Representations, individual correspondence and legal cases
Information Routinely Published: None
Significant Systems:
  • N/A
Personal Information Holdings: Personal information may be contained on Ministerial Representation, individual correspondence or legal case files.
Purpose: Personal information is used to investigate individual cases with relevant agency and provide information to representee or for forwarding to appropriate agency
Disclosees: HSE, Chief State Solicitor, State Claims Agency
Notes: including info an admin access practice, Ebriefs etc.: None