Fees and charges

If you are seeking access to your personal information there are unlikely to be fees or charges unless the volume of material is large, involving hundreds of records. However, if you request policy information which is not routinely available, there is an initial application fee and also fees for the retrieval and copying of records sought.

For a more complete picture on charges please consult the Central Policy Unit Advice Note number 11.

Personal Information

No charges are likely to arise in the case of requests or appeals relating to

NOTE 1. Requests made by parents relating to their children and requests relating to deceased will fall into this category.

Non-Personal Information - Application Fees

Request for Access to Records Standard Fee Reduced Fee for Persons covered by a Medical Card
Initial Request - under Section 7 €15 €10
Internal review of initial decision - under Sect.14 €75 €25
Appeal to Information Commissioner - under S.34 €150 €50
Third Party Appeal to Information Commissioner - Sect.29/34 €50 -

NOTE 2. The Department will always help a requester who is making a request for information but, where these fees apply, cannot commence the formal process until the fee is paid.

NOTE 3. There is no application fee for a review/appeal solely related to the decision to charge a fee.

Non-Personal Information - Search and Retrieval Fees

Search and retrieval:

€20.95 per hour

Copying charges

NOTE 4. If the estimated charge is more than €50 a deposit of at least 20% will be sought.

NOTE 5. Final charges are based on the actual search, retrieval and copying of records released. If the fee is likely to exceed the estimate, staff will contact the requester to review the definition of the request.