Consultation Questions

Your Health is Your Wealth – Health and Wellbeing Framework 2012-2020

Options Appraisal paper:

1. Are there other advantages or disadvantages of the models described in the paper which have not been considered?

2. Are there other models of service delivery that should be considered?

International Models paper:

3. Are there other models of service delivery from other countries which should be considered?

4. How should a Health in All Policies approach be implemented in Ireland?

Economics of Prevention paper:

5. In your opinion is this a comprehensive review of the economic benefits of the prevention of ill-health?

6. Have you any further comments on the economic advantages of preventing ill-health and promoting health and well-being?

Legislation technical consultation paper:

7. Do you agree with the key proposals posed in this document?

8. Are there other considerations in the area of legislation for public health that should be added?

Introduction to EPHO SWOT analysis

EPHO 1: Surveillance and assessment of the population’s health and well being

EPHO 2: Identifying health problems and health hazards in the community

EPHO 3: Preparedness and planning for public health emergencies

EPHO 4: Health protection operations (environmental, occupational, food safety and others)

EPHO 5: Disease prevention

EPHO 6: Health promotion

EPHO 7: Evaluation of quality and effectiveness of personal and community health services

EPHO 8: Assuring a competent public health and personal health care workforce

EPHO 9: Has not been specifically addressed to date. A short document on leadership has been prepared by the working group.

EPHO 10: Health related research

9. Are there strengths and/or weaknesses that haven’t already been identified in our description of the Essential Public Health Operations (EPHOs) in Ireland?