Workforce Planning, Agency Governance and Clinical Indemnity Unit

Functions and Responsibilities
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Functions and Responsibilities

  • Education and Training for healthcare staff
  • Workforce planning strategy for the health services
  • Medical Practitioners (Amendment) (Medical Indemnity) Bill
  • Processing of 'Statement of need' requests for Irish doctors applying for J1 visas.
  • Governance relating to:
    • An Bord Altranais
    • Medical Council
  • Management of issues relating to clinical indemnity including:
    • Clinical Indemnity Scheme
    • Caps on indemnity for consultants in private practice not covered by Clinical Indemnity Scheme
    • Medical Defence Union refusal High Court Cases
  • Implement Government policy in the Department’s agencies relating to:
    • Pay and conditions of employment
    • Employment numbers (Employment Control Framework)
    • Agency rationalisation
    • Corporate governance (including appointments to Boards and fees of Board members)
  • Monitor compliance with Part V of the Disability Act 2005 by public bodies

Contact this Unit

Principal Officer Mr. Charlie Hardy
Assistant Principal Officers Ms. Kara Prole
Mr. Brendan Murphy
Mr. Pat Clifford

Telephone: 00353 (1) - 635 4000

Fax: 00353 (1) - 671 1651

Section 15 FOI

Record Classes

Non Personal: administrative records relating to the functions of the unit (e.g. briefing material, PQ replies, records of meetings, etc

Personal: Ministerial Representations; applications for pre-retirement initative and early retirement scheme for nurses; individual correspondence (including pension queries); and legal cases

Significant Systems

Administrative systems in line with the running of the unit

Personal Information Holdings

Personal information may be contained in Ministerial Representations, individual correspondence (including pension queries) or legal case files


Personal information is used to investigate individual cases with relevant agency and provide information to relevant individual or for forwarding to appropriate agency


Minister or individuals within the relevant agency

Notes: including information on admin access practice, Ebriefs, etc.