Research Utilisation Team

Functions and Responsibilities

The Research Utilisation Team's key objective is to support Department of Health personnel towards more effective and efficient use of research evidence in their work and to contribute to an overall enhancement of analytic capability within the Department.

Key Objectives and Strategies

To achieve this objective the Research Utilisation Team:

  1. Ensures DoH personnel have easy access to relevant material, e.g. through the development and provision of library and awareness services.
  2. Assists DoH personnel in understanding key research messages, e.g. by providing evidence reviews synthesising and analysing existing evidence.
  3. Builds capacity in identifying reliable research evidence and appropriate application and utilisation, e.g. through capacity building seminars and guides.
  4. Assists in the integration of research evidence into the daily work of DoH staff, e.g. by working with policy units to help develop an enhanced analytical approach.
  5. Communicates and interacts with other stakeholders in relation to the Research Unit’s work.

Agencies/Service Providers/Working Groups

The Research Utilisation Team works closely with the Evidence Centre in the Health Research Board ( which provides a range of research, knowledge brokering and analytical related services and supports to assist in the achievement of the Research Utilisation Team’s objective.



Press Material

Seminar on evidence informed policy and knowledge brokering


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