National Human Resources

Functions and Responsibilities

This Division’s main objective is to develop and drive implementation of policy on employment in the public health sector. The primary areas dealt with are

  • providing oversight, policy direction, support and advice to the HSE and relevant partners on HR/IR issues for health sector grades;
  • terms and conditions of employment for grades in the public health service (includes the drawing up and issuing of pay scales);
  • elements of structural reform — in particular working with the HSE to progress Public Service Transformation in the Health Sector [Public Service Agreement (Croke Park Deal)];
  • policy on numbers employed (includes monitoring public health service employment levels in the context of the Employment Control Framework); and
  • policy on pensions.


Principal Officer Fergal Goodman
Assistant Principal Officers Paddy Barrett
Joan Regan
Lara Hynes
Eilish Timoney


  • Telephone: 01 - 635 3096/4058
  • Fax: 01 - 635 4001
  • Email: or


Pensions Act, 1990 (

Pensions Amendment Act, 2002 (

Pensions Ombudsman Regulations, 2003 to 2007 (

Public Service Superannuation (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2004 (

Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act, 2009 (

Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (No.2) Act, 2009 (

Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act, 2010 (

Medical Practitioners Act, 1978 (

Dentists Act, 1985 (

Medical Practitioners (Amendment) Act, 1993 (

Medical Practitioners (Amendment) Act, 2000 (

Medical Practitioners (Amendment) Act, 2002 (

Medical Practitioners Act, 2007 (

Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2007 (

Midwives Act, 1944 (

Nurses Act, 1961 (

Nurses Act, 1985 (

Employers (Provision of Information and Consultation) Act 2006 (

European Working Time Directive (

Agencies/Working Groups/Service Providers

Health Service Executive

Health Sector Implementation Body (Public Service Agreement)

Implementation Body (national level) (Public Service Agreement)


  • Current and Future Supply and Demand Conditions in the Labour Market for Certain Professional Therapists (
  • Final Report of the Review Group on Health Service Care Staff (
  • Medical Education in Ireland: A New Direction (Fottrell Report)
  • Preparing Ireland’s Doctors to meet the Health Needs of the 21st Century (Buttimer Report)
  • Report of the National Task Force on Medical Staffing
  • Report of the National Implementation Group (NIG) — European Working Time Directive & Non Consultant Hospital Doctors
  • Effective Utilisation of Professional Skills of Nurses and Midwives
  • Report of the Commission on Nursing
  • The Nursing and Midwifery Resource — Guidance for Best Practice on the Recruitment of Overseas Nurses and Midwives
  • Turnover in Nursing and Midwifery
  • Nominated Health Agencies Superannuation Scheme 1981
  • Nominated Health Agencies Spouses’ and Children’s Contributory Pension Scheme 1986
  • Voluntary Hospitals (Officers) Superannuation Scheme 1969 (as amended 1977)
  • Voluntary Hospitals (Non-Officers) Superannuation Scheme 1985
  • Voluntary Hospitals Spouses’ and Children’s Contributory Pension Scheme 1986
  • Scheme Guides to Voluntary Hospital Superannuation Schemes and Nominated Health Agencies Superannuation Schemes 2006
  • Health Service Executive Employee Superannuation Scheme, 2010
  • Amendments to superannuation schemes are routinely published
  • Salary scales are routinely published. The current salary scales for the health sector are available at the following link:
  • Public Service Agreement – Health Sector Progress Report and Savings (
  • Pay and Pensions Circulars




    Other Useful Links

    Health Service Executive

    Corporate Employee Relations Services, Health Service Executive (formerly the HSE-EA)

    Central Statistics Office

    Implementation Body (national level)

    Department of Public Expenditure and Reform

    Section 15

    Record Classes

    Non personal: administrative records relating to the functions of the unit (e.g. briefing material, PQ replies, records of meetings, etc

    Personal: Ministerial Representations; applications for pre-retirement initiative and early retirement scheme for nurses; individual correspondence (including pension queries); and legal cases

    Significant Systems

    Administrative systems in line with the running of the unit

    Access to HSE’s Health Service Personnel Census database

    Personal Information Holdings

    Personal information may be contained in Ministerial Representations, individual correspondence (including pension queries) or legal case files


    Personal information is used to investigate individual cases with relevant agency and provide information to relevant individual or for forwarding to appropriate agency


    Minister or individuals within the relevant agency

    Notes: including information on admin access practice, Ebriefs, etc.