Functions and Responsibilities

The Cancer Policy is responsible for developing policy to support a national cancer control system. Cancer Policy also

  • Supports the Health Service Executive (HSE) to ensure the implementation of policy and the effective delivery of cancer services through the HSE’s National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP), The NCCP also operates screening programmes for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer.
  • Monitors the performance of the HSE against agreed performance standards.
  • Supports and funds the National Cancer Registry (NCR). The Registry collects and analyses the incidence and prevalence of cancer data based on the medical records of cancer patients.
  • Participates in the All Ireland Cancer Consortium with Northern Ireland and the National Cancer Institute in the United States.

Contact Details

Principal Officer Mary Jackson
Assistant Principal Officer Keith Comiskey
Telephone: 00353(1) 6354180

Section 15, Freedom of Information Act

Agencies/Service Providers/Working Groups: National Cancer Registry

Legislation: N/A

Classes of Records held: Files on Policy Issues, Correspondence, Representations, PQs, Administrative records relating to the functions of the Unit

Significant Systems: None

Personal Information Holdings: N/A

Disclosees: N/A

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